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Presentation Description
Dr Michelle Nottage
Imaging for metastatic disease
The imaging guidelines for assessment of metastatic melanoma vary, with multiple imaging options now available. Imaging modalities will be discussed, their strengths and limitations, so that simple imaging pathways can be obtained.

Dr Andrew Potter
Field treatments, new evidence 
Skin field cancerisation (FC) presents a challenge in clinical practice due to the large regions of skin frequently involved. Treatment may be directed at specific lesions or background field change, and typically includes excision, curettage, cryotherapy and/or topical agents such as 5-fluorouracil. Many patients face repeated treatment over an extended time.
This presentation reviews recent advances in radiotherapy techniques that can effectively treat FC on complicated surfaces such as the scalp, face and limbs. Evidence in support of this approach continues to evolve. Initial outcomes from the National Dermatology Radiation Oncology Registry (NDROR) are reported, along with an update on experiences using volumetric modulated arc therapy (VMAT) for skin treatment.
Radiotherapy represents a viable treatment option for refractory or severe FC. Prospective research is ongoing to confirm optimal dose/fractionation and assess long-term outcomes.

Dr Raghu Gowda
Brachytherapy for Skin Cancers- Aristotle's approach

Dr Chris McCormack
Sezary syndrome an update and future directions

Dr Bruna Melhoranse Gouivea
Cutaneous Lymphoma follow-up: what is new?

Dr Jessica Witherspoon
Perineural Invasion Registry, Queensland Cancer Alliance group-collaboration
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